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Shipping Methods

FREE Delivery in Switzerland from 6 bottles:  We ship in 3- or 6-bottle box by DPD up to 24 bottles. For orders of more than 24 bottles, we delivery by temperature-controlled courier. Shipping for orders of 5 bottles or less costs CHF10.-

We are not Amazon. Yet. We are a small team, so we can't always process your shipment on the same day. All orders received during a business week for delivery within Switzerland are prepared for shipment the following Monday at the latest. Shipping usually requires 1 to 2 business days and arrive before 12pm.

Delivery outside of Switzerland: We collect, prepare and ship orders outside of Switzerland once per month from Germany. Due to unique alcohol import laws and VAT rates in each country, shipping to the other countries from Switzerland can be complicated. We are not yet able to deduct Swiss VAT (but we are working on it!). We are not responsible for any local VAT or import taxes you may face upon accepting delivery. We try to do our best to avoid local delivery problems by packaging your delivery properly. Things to know:

  • All international shipping rates are based weight as per the DHL Germany rates found here;
  • We cannot ship to Canada;
  • We are not liable for customs duties or taxes payable upon arrival in your home country. Please educate yourself on the risk of incurring these costs before ordering.
  • We are not liable for what happens to your package once it is handed over to DHL;

Storing, Serving and Enjoying Natural Wine: Natural wines are more sensitive to temperature and light than conventional wines, and are best enjoyed after being allowed to breath. Find more information about how to best enjoy our wines on our website.

Returns & Discounts

Returns: We do not accept returns of wine. All sales are final. If you find that a wine is corked or otherwise damaged, please notify us immediately by sending a picture of the bottle to We will then send you with a discount coupon code for your next order in the value of the damaged wine.

Discounts: We do not offer volume discounts, instead we offer free shipping in Switzerland - which means the customer (you!) saves more and we are less likely to make calculation mistakes.

If you happen to have a discount code, use it!