Christophe Lindenlaub - Pinot Gris - Des Racines et des Ailes - Vinatur Natural Wines
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Christophe Lindenlaub - Pinot Gris - Des Racines et des Ailes


100% Pinot Gris raised in stainless steel. It has discrete aromas, smoke on white acacia flowers. A powerful and ample mouth that reveals itself fresh in the finish with acidulous notes of sour cherry.

The Lindenlaub family has been working vineyards in Alsace since 1759. Christophe is today the custodian of an estate of more than 10 hectares spread over the hills of Dorlisheim and Mutzig. In 2009, Christophe made a crazy bet to spend all his vineyards in organic farming. He obtains AB certification in 2012.

It was then only the first step of a challenge that Christophe had promised to take up: to learn to produce high quality wines with the utmost respect for nature and the environment. He continues his approach by deciding to devote part of his plots to the production of natural wines. It gives birth to the Ensō range; live wines that invite you to pause time and rediscover nature the space of a tasting.

For Christophe, the wines of the Ensō range have this little extra soul that makes the difference between a good wine and a great wine.



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