Who We Are

Gian Kull
Gian, Founder & CEO, Vinatur Natural Wines

The idea for Vinatur Natural Wines was born in 2011, when I moved back to Switzerland after 26 years in the U.S.A. only to find the natural wines I loved to drink in New York, Paris and London were nowhere to be found in my new home of Zürich.

Our story began with bringing small batches of wine into Switzerland for friends and family. By 2014 we had grown enough to become an officially licensed Swiss importer. Since then, we have grown from sourcing wines for our private clients and select restaurants in Switzerland to bringing natural wine to enthusiasts around the world. Thank you for being part of our story. 


Michelle Negron

Michelle, Gastronomy Consultant and Director of Spanish Wines 

I am a Cuban – Puerto Rican American who has lived in Europe since 2005, from Palma de Mallorca, Marseille and Wales to Madrid and the Priorat. I moved to Barcelona in 2010 and a few months later I moved to Priorat and started working at Saó del Coster, the small biodynamic winery in Gratallops. I was involved in every aspect of the wine making process and had been one of the most rewarding and difficult experiences of my life. People would tell me, wow, you’re so lucky. I was. But making wine is hard, sometimes excruciating work.

I was involved with small growers and farmers from the very start, real people making real wines in Priorat and the rest of Spain. Wines farmed organically or biodynamically, with little or no intervention during the vinification and aging processes: electric wines that make me feel alive. I started helping growers sell their wines in Puerto Rico and eventually in Switzerland as well. In 2019, work brought me to Zurich. I’m inspired by the Vinatur! philosophy “Demand purity. Expect the extraordinary.” and want to bring in exciting and remarkable producers from my favourite corners of Spain.


Larissa, VinaTour Travel Superstar

I was born in the Grisons mountains to an adventurous Swiss-Brazilian family, so I got infected with the travel bug very early. After a childhood spent in various places in Switzerland and Rio de Janeiro, I took time off to travel and work in restaurants before enrolling in the Università degli Studi di Scienze Gastronomiche in Bra, Italy, where I got my bachelor’s degree in Gastronomic Sciences. After that, I went to Northeastern Brazil to work on a small farm.

Almost a year later I decided to return to Europe and learn more about wine and tourism, two passions I gained while studying in the Piedmont, working as a tour guide on the side. I got a joint master’s degree in Wine Tourism Innovation from the universities of Tarragona, Bordeaux and Porto in 2018 and have since worked with wine, tourism and hospitality.

My passion lies in low intervention wines and food, grown and made by real humans, the ones who give me a sense of community and continue to inspire me to explore this beautiful microcosm I chose to be my line of work.


Sandra, Onlinestore & Marketing Manager



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