Vinatur! Members Club


The Vinatur! Members Club is a loyalty program for natural wine fanatics like you. Collect VinaPoints and redeem them so save 10% when you order wine from Vinatur! Sign up and start earning VinaPoints now! 


How it works:

Collecting VinaPoints!

Here are some great ways to start earning VinaPoints!

  • Shop Online:  5 VinaPoints per CHF spent
  • Signing up: 250 VinaPoints
  • Refer a friend: 50 VinaPoints
  • Celebrating Birthdays: 50 VinaPoints
  • Share on Facebook: 25 VinaPoints
  • Follow us on Instagram: 50 VinaPoints

Spending VinaPoints!

  • Save CHF1.- for every 50 VinaPoints you earn
  • You save 10% on future orders for every CHF you spend

Milestone Awards for more VinaPoints

  • Bronze: Spent CHF200 in the last 365 days: earn 100 VinaPoints
  • Silver: Spent CHF500 in the last 365 days: earn 250 VinaPoints
  • Gold: Spent CHF1000 in the last 365 days: earn 500 VinaPoints


  • 5.00 CHF Off: 250 VinaPoints
  • 10.00 CHF Off: 500 VinaPoints
  • 15.00 CHF Off: 750 VinaPoints

Join now to earn VinaPoints & start saving!



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