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Gian Kull

Today we’re excited to introduce some special wines from Joy Kull, Joan Ramon and Antonin Azzoni. Learn more about them in our latest video newsletter below!

Joy Kull’s Bianco Ouvo is her first vintage made in a 700l cement egg. Joan Ramon produces a brilliant, vivid, refreshing and complex Els Bassots and Antonin Azzoni’s Fable is a really high quality juice wine that you should definitely try!


La Villana Bianco Uovo

Joy Kull tends the vines of her Azienda Agricola, La Villana, on the slopes of the crater lake Lago di Bolsena north of Rome. The authochthonous grapes Joy grows are nurtured by the volcanic soils of the crater at moderate altitude and enjoy ideal sun exposure and dry winds.

A blend of two cement eggs: One made from the old-vine Procanico macerated for just over a week and one younger Procanico with only four days of maceration. The blend is a perfect union: separately the old-vine Procanico could have had more time in cement and the younger Procanico was very juvenile. Together the wine is ready to drink but can also benefit from some time in the bottle. This year confirmed my belief that cement is the perfect vessel for Procanico. 11.5% alcohol.

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Escoda Sanahuja Els Bassots
from 29.00

100% Chenin. Two week's skin maceration, and ageing in anfora, without sulfites. It's a brilliant, vivid, refreshing and complex wine.

The 2015 is a special treat - with 24g of residual sugar, it is the ideal aperitif or dessert pairing!

The 2013 can take a lot of aeration and will evolve for days, indeed for weeks! This is a fabulous wine, less wild and crazy than the 2011 and 2012 editions, perhaps due to the Anfora treatment, for it's softer and gentler. But still possesses a profound structure with racy mineral acidity, a fascinating texture, both silky and tannic, and intense and complex fruit with lemon, pear, apricot, honey, smoked hickory and bacon underpinning much more that evolves as the wine opens. Give it air!

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Le Raisin et L'Ange 2015 Fable
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La Flor: Craft Chocolate for connoisseurs

La Flor is a new chocolate from Zurich. Founded by well-known people from the gastronomy and food sector who share a common goal: to bring more sweet pleasure to people.

Laura Schälchli (Sobre Mesa), Ivo Müller (Restaurant Rosso and Bar Basso) and Heini Schwarzenbach (Schwarzenbach Kolonialwaren) were never completely happy with the existing local chocolate selection. They missed bars of cocoa with strong character and natural ingredients without additives and preservatives - preferably directly from the farmer. That's why they teamed up with graphic designer and entrepreneur Zelia Zadra (Wood Food Brand and Book, OY Surf Apparel) and food technologist Finn Ramseier to bring their own chocolate on the market: La Flor.

La Flor roasts the cocoa beans individually according to their provenance and then grinds the chocolate in a stone grinder. It gently grinds the cocoa with the sugar (Swiss/South German organic sugar) and thanks to the warmth it produces, the aroma is refined (conching). The mass is then tempered and after poured into moulds. All processing steps take place in the manufactory in the old bakery Buchmann in Binz, Zurich. La Flor produces three dark single-farm chocolate from Brazil, Ecuador and Venezuela and one dark single-farm milk chocolate from Ecuador.

"Cocoa beans contain more than 600 aroma components. Chocolate can be compared well with wine. We want to show our customers what nuances there are and how you taste and enjoy this tasty flavours in chocolate."

Exclusive: the Chocolate Club
Producing chocolate is costly and requires considerable investment. In order to expand the manufactory, La Flor has considered something special and founded the Chocolate Club. Chocolate lovers can grant a loan and receive La Flor vouchers for several years. These can be redeemed for chocolate and workshops. Members of the Chocolate Club also receive special editions of their chocolate.

Chocolate 70% Fazenda Vera Cruz, Brazil 30g

Dark chocolate bar with 70% cocoa content
Aroma: Fruity, fresh and lively, slightly tart with a hint of raisin
La Flor works directly with the Fazenda Vera Cruz in Brazil where they receive their ‚Cacao Superior da Bahia‘.

Ingredients: Cacao, Sugar*, Cacaobutter*

Chocolate 74% Hacienda Limon, Ecuador 30g

Dark chocolate bar with 74% cocoa content
Aroma: Balanced, nutty, a touch of malt and dried cherry notes
The ‚Arriba National‘ beans are from the Hacienda Limon in Ecuador.

Ingredients: Cacao, Sugar*, Cacaobutter*

Chocolate 73% Finca Rodrigo, Venezuela 30g

Dark chocolate bar with 73% cocoa content
Aroma: Character with roasted notes, cinnamon, slightly earthy
The cacao comes from the Canoabo region in Venezuela – which is also the name of the variety.

Ingredients: Cacao, Sugar*, Cacaobutter*

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