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We present to you masters of their craft

We consider our natural wine producers to be wine growers, not wine makers. They are farmers, first and foremost, who believe that wine is created in the vineyards and who work hard to grow beautiful grapes that naturally express their terroir. In the vines, our producers eschew the use of mechanical or chemical aids, choosing instead to perform their art by hand. In the cellar, our winegrowers merely aid the natural fermentation process with no additives, chemical modifications, or stabilisation to achieve the ultimate expression of the vintage, the varietal and the terroir.

Our producers are the soul of Vinatur. Without their passion, dedication and skill we would not be able to bring you these beautiful wines. We partner with our producers because they stay true to the highest standards of natural wine production.

Our partnerships with producers are guided by these sacred principles

  • Organic or bio-dynamic farming

  • Hand harvesting and controlled yields

  • Natural vinification with no intervention - that means no added yeasts, no chaptalisation, no filtration, no additives, and minimal (preferably no) sulphites

  • Wines that are fun and pleasurable to drink

We avoid wines that have been manipulated, flavoured, acidified, over-oaked, filtered, and over-harvested in the name of profits. We avoid glamour wines catering to the wine media and its dubious ratings, reviews and advertising.