La Villana - Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Vinatur Natural Wines
La Villana - Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Vinatur Natural Wines
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La Villana - Extra Virgin Olive Oil


La Villana Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a blend of hand-harvested Canino, Frantoio and Leccino olives, cold-pressed within 24 hours of harvest. Cold-pressed means the mill does not allow the olive paste to exceed 27C during the mashing process, allowing the final product to maintain more of its natural  flavor and aroma.

Joy’s trees are located throughout the hills of Gradoli, in between her old vineyards. Shortly after the grape harvest settles and the wines are tucked away in the cellar, slowly fermenting, Joy packs her lunch and heads out as the sun rises and the dew evaporates to spend the November and December days picking her olives.

"Joy’s olive oil is fabulous. I am in love! Bellissimo!"
- Marco L. from Milan

The olives are harvested by hand using battery-powered agitators. Joy notes, “We consciously choose to use these agitators instead of diesel-powered agitators because although diesel-powered may be more powerful and faster, it less eco-friendly.”

The oil is transferred to a large cistern in Joy’s cellar and left for a minimum of 30 days to allow the sediment to deposit. The unfiltered oil is then bottled by hand and ready for consumption. We recommend conserving the olive oil in a cool, dark place and to enjoying it within the date specified on the label.

Remember: in Italy they enjoy olive oil the way the Italians enjoy most aspects of life: in abundance. So don't be afraid to use your oil; there will fresh oil the following year! 



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