Jean-Pierre Robinot

When one searches for real natural wines, the legendary Jean-Pierre Robinot always comes up. He’s in his 70’s and has the vitality of a teenager; he’s tireless and enthusiastic, full of knowledge and energy. He fell in love with wine at a young age and moved to Paris, opening tone of the first natural wine bars in the city, L’Ange Vin. He was also one of the founders of one of France’s still most influential wine magazines, “Le Rouge et le Blanc”. In 2000 he sold the bar and moved back to the village of Chahaignes, where he grew up in the North of the Loire, between Tours and Le Mans.

He and his wife Noella farm around 10HA of vineyards of Chenin Blanc and Pineau d’Aunis (if you don’t know this local red grape, you really should!) in Jasnières and Coteaux-du-Loir. Pineau d’Aunis has the same weight as Pinot Noir but is spicier and more herbal.

The vines are planted on a mix of red clay, limestone and silex, farmed organically and treated with wild plant infusions such as nettles and ferns. All of his wines are fermented naturally, and Jean-Pierre is a patient man, letting them rest on their lees in barrel until he is convinced they are ready. This can sometimes take five years or longer!

He is truly a master of aging, making stunning wines, all bottled unfiltered and with minimal sulphur added. These are wines for contemplation and show remarkable clarity, fruit, energy; every bottle a gift of his wisdom and craft. You should be drinking them at every available opportunity!



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