Jean-Pierre Frick

The Pierre Frick estate has had close ties to the wine areas for close to twelve generations and is made up of 12 HA of vineyards today. They practiced organic farming in their vineyards since 1970 and biodynamic farming since 1981, the first SO2-free wines were in 1999. Jean-Pierre is a true pioneer of biodynamic farming in Alsace.

These vineyards have had decades of careful farming, biodynamic treatments and the most attentive care regarding their environment: soil, climate, solar and lunar rhythms, etc.; each cuvée a faithful and balanced reflection of the vineyard site, the vintage and the treatment of the vines during the year.

Today, 90% of the wines are bottled with zero SO2. His vineyards make up a sort of patchwork with a dozen calcareous dominated local soils over a 15-km span.

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