Franz Strohmeier

Franz Strohmeier is a visionary natural winemaker, producing special and exhilarating wines in Styria, also known as the “Green Heart” of Austria. His 8HA of vineyards are in the nearby towns of Bad Gams and Stainz. Most of the vines he farms are planted on incredibly steep slopes with soils of hard gneiss and schist.

He is constantly trying out more natural methods to find the best expression of the terroir possible, working with biodynamic treatments and even using whey (the liquid part of milk produced when making cheese) as a substitute for copper sulfate.

Some of his grapes grow wild, no pruning, and he sometimes prefers not to treat a vine struck by a malady. He believes a small amount of sickness is positive for the overall health of the vineyard, focusing on biodiversity. His sparkling wines are elegant, profound and multifaceted.



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