Domaine Lous Grezes

Luc Lybaert (a Lion) and his wife Trees Lybaert-Claes (a Libra) make wines that highlight the beautiful, more northern terroir, which is the Cévenol foothills, where their winery is located. Luc is a manual therapist (specialist physiotherapist, linked to the University of Ghent) who maintains a practice in Ghent, Belgium. He has been tasting wine for over 35 years, visiting Piedmont Cévenol (Anduze region) since his childhood, witnessing the beautiful limestone soils.

He did not hesitate to start a new domaine when he was offered superb vines in Domessargues in 2002. Trees was an educator in physical culture. It was Luc who transmitted the wine virus to her. She is an excellent cook who has the intuitive ability to combine the ingredients available to her. She has a special and unusual sense of taste. This skill is the key to the success of the winemaking that it brings to fruition today. The complementarity of Leo and Libra has led the lives of Luke and Trees to many stages and approaches seeking total naturalness in things.

The domaine is at 135 m above sea level, with clay and limestone soils. The vines have a southwestern orientation and an average age of 40 years. Fertilizers are not allowed, at most a little compost is used if necessary. The natural maintenance of the vineyard is ensured by exposure to the tramontane and especially to the mistral, which is beneficial to their organic approach to farming. The proximity of the Cévennes explains the significant temperature variations between day and night. No additives are used in the winemaking process.

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