Introducing our Natural Wine Video Series

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We’ve launched a brand new Video Series where we share our favourite natural wines, interesting stories about the winemakers, and much more! If you’re interested in learning more about our wines, where they come from and what makes them so special, check out our first episode below. We hope you enjoy it!



We’re starting off with Sylvain Bock who produces exciting white and red wines in the Ardèche region of southern France. Sylvain works without using sulphur and he matures his wines in fibreglass and stainless steel tanks and old oak barrels depending on the particular wine he is making. The old barrel maturation also ensures that the wine is clear and bright in the glass. A very exciting taste!

Next is Joy Kull who commits to non-interventionist farming, native varietals, indigenous yeast, and no-sulfur winemaking. Though she does produce an ageworthy Aleatico, and will eventually make a special expression from her high altidude (600m) vines, the wines on today's offer are simple, enticing and delicious, and meant for early or immediate consumption. 

And last but not least, we introduce Frank Cornelissen who takes natural to a new level, and his wines are utterly compelling. He avoids any sorts of spraying, including the sulfur and copper remedies used by organic and biodynamic growers. Frank doesn’t like the idea of monoculture, so interplants the vines with various local fruits and wheat. 




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